We have developed a Telecom GIS Software “Disha”. This application is based on a GIS platform which understands the POP (Point of Position) objects which could be an Exchange, GSM BTS, WLL BTS or a Microwave Station. It contains the technology information and the geographical location of the POP.

Media like OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) or Microwave Link etc could be linked between the POPs as Node-Link Network as per actual i.e. maintaining the side of road, Keeping exact distance from road or by GPS value. There is a built-in structure of OFC –> Fiber –> DWDM -> Lamda -> System –> PCM within the software. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) helps user to build the complete network effortlessly. The services like BTS connectivity to BSC or BSC to MSC or any Lease Line could be registered in the network and the software shows the Built-up Graphically as well as in a listed format.

Since “Disha” is network analysis software, It has a unique and user-friendly Search-Engine which makes it a Support system for decision making for planning or crisis management.

The software stores and analyzes the data related to fiber health, help to locate the point of failure, track the history and produce results in pictorial format. The user can get and analyze the information related to a ROI (Region of Interest) like a head quarter of a district etc



Think of the following situation!!

When a resident of some municipality sees a pothole, they aren’t limited to griping about the damage it will do to their cars. Instead, they can pull out their Android based Mobile Phones, take a picture of the street damage, and use an Android App to upload their report straight to a database of the Municipality. The App sends a complain and GIS information to the concerned authority simultaneously.

The problem often is fixed within a day by the concerned authority and the information will be updated to a GIS based web application. The application automatically sends an SMS to the resident who registered the complain, informing that the problem is fixed by the municipal authorities.

So citizen may go out anywhere in the city with the Android based Mobile Phone, and on seeing any kind of problem—a streetlight, a pothole—with a simple complain the problem gets resolved, which in turn helps the city to develop.

This approach by changing conventional way of complain registration make municipal authorities more citizen friendly and responsive to address the grievances of citizens.

DOS InfoTech offers a mobile application MBCGMS(Mobile Based Citizen Grivance Monitoring System) for municipalities to provide aforesaid services more effectively and to reach citizens in new ways.


In order to make GIS survey work error free and accurate, we at Dos Infotech have developed an android based survey application, ‘Surveyor’.

Instead of GPS survey, Surveyor offers, web enabled integrated system for survey (spatial & non-spatial), data entry, GIS layer creation & capture of photograph of feature of interest through Android based customized Software is proposed for the department - It is worth mentioning that, an Android based customized software application is developed for Spatial survey (using GPS of mobile / tablet), GIS creation of surveyed features (point/line/polygon layer), with customized form with auto complete property for non-spatial data entry with minimizing human error & capturing of image of feature of interest (using camera of the device). The output would be stored in spatial database, .xls, .jpg in local device. Once the device would be connected to internet, the data would be send to central server by clicking send option. Post verification this could be published to the server. Thus, in addition to minimizing investment for GPS creation, the system would minimize the effort in terms of data capturing, storing, data entry, GIS layer creation and facilitate up-to-date data sharing once published.

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